March 19, 2013

International Flower And Garden Festival At Disney World Epcot

Imagine your all-time favorite Disney characters like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck in a form of a live green tree shrubs, alive and breathing plants? Imagine no more, at International Flower And Garden Festival at Disney World EPCOT in Orlando Florida (FL), you can actually see all these stunning work of art topiaries in different shapes and sizes including some of our favorite Disney characters.

I believe that Disney World Epcot Park celebrate the International Flower And Garden Festival yearly. We were there on time to witness this event, and it was spectacular to see all the colorful flowers and gardens displayed at the park. Great opportunity for taking photos as well, since the display wont last, after the festival, new decorations and theme will be put up. In order to witness this particular event at Epcot park, they usually held this event during spring time around March through May, most likely every year.

Here are some actual photos taken during one of the International Flowers And Garden Festival at Epcot several years ago:

Here is a Disney Topiary video that surprise unexpecting passersby of the moving plant shrubs, check it out, it kind of funny surprise:

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