December 4, 2008

Expect The Unexpected In Hawaii

When people hear of Hawaii, usually, the first thing that comes to their mind are beautiful beaches. No doubt, Hawaii is famous for a reason. Because Hawaii Islands are abundant of beautiful tropical weather, nice warm and inviting beaches, and stunning views. But Hawaii has lots of others things to offer, sometimes unexpected, things that you never imagine that you would see when you go there for a visit.

Some of the most beautiful and big waves in the world can be seen in Hawaii due to its unique and volcanic characteristic that have all these volcanic rocks in different shapes and sizes in several parts of the shore and under the ocean. You can expect the waves to come, but you can never expect how each waves transform into as they crashed violently against each of the black volcanic rocks.

One of the best way to see the Hawaiian Islands is by renting a car and drive all around the island. There are so many famous spots and tourist destinations that are listed as must-see in Hawaii, but when you drive, you see more spots and views in different angles than what is visible in Lookout Points, postcards, or tour books. Hawaii have lots of stunning areas worthy of stop over that you can see as you drive along the roads and highways.

Ocean and river views are some of the expected sceneries that you came to see in the island. But as you browse through the water scenes, there are times that you unexpectedly see a boat passing by or a kayaker cruising lazily along the body of water.

Native plants and flowers are definitely some of the things to look out for. As you walk around the block, you will never know what flowers and fruit you will encounter. You will never know when you will bump into a bunch of exotic flowers wildly multiplying in a corner of a walkway or a roadway.

The early morning rooster may perform its cock-a-du-dol-do right outside your hotel room, reminding you of your actual stay in the island. And who dont like to hear a rooster greeting you in the morning telling you to wake up and enjoy the island instead of a buzzing alarm clock telling you to wake up fast and beat the morning traffic?
When you wake up in the morning, you can never anticipate which wild animals will come to see you and greet you Good Morning! At times, a hen and its chick will be waiting below your hotel balcony as they look for their morning meal and hope that you got one.

As you feed the rooster and the chicken, the ducks and the goose may unexpectedly join the feeding frenzy as well. You will never know, usually they just come all of a sudden.

See a totally unusual road scenery as you cruised along with your renter car. You will probably catch one of the standing tall bare branches like these ones:

During your visit to the beach, you will never know who will come to land in the sand right in front of you! How cute is this:

As you examine one of the tree in the sides, who could possibly expect a birds nest, openly situated at humans eye level.

Or see a playful dog having fun and simply hanging out in an ocean river, as the water flow towards the ocean.

A horse running alone in his lonesome self in the road of Hawaii? Totally unexpected, but it is an amazing find!

So next time you go to Hawaii, you may enjoy the beaches, the food and the shopping, but if you open your eyes to everything and anything around you, you will unexpectedly see so much more!
By JazeVox. Thank you for your visit today!   

November 8, 2008

Fountains In Fountains At Roseville

I went to Roseville, California for the first time this month with my hubby and we happened to pass by Fountains At Roseville along Galleria Blvd, just off of Hwy 65 and Hwy Interstate-80. We love water fountains, and the fountain they have placed at the entrance of their mall caught our attention, so we decided to swing around and check the place out.

To our amazement, while strolling around the vicinity, we found more fountains within the shopping center, Fountains At Roseville. As the name of the mall implies, they really decorate their place with several types of decorative water fountains. One of my favorite fountain they have is this huge bubbling jar, standing taller than me:
Probably the crowd favorite is the musical fountain show they have complete with variety of water displays, fog effect, and music.

They also have interesting art deco all over the place including big mosse and deer statues, butterfly benches, big clocks, etc. And the well-manicured palm trees they used to landscape the place looks really neat.

We also found all kinds of neat shops and botiques in the area. We found our salad dip mixer there.
Written and Photography by JazeVox. Thank you for your visit today. See you next time! 

October 21, 2008

Unforgetable White Sand Beach At Carmel By-The-Sea

We went to visit some friends in the Bay Area in California inorder to realize a planned day trip to Santa Cruz Boardwalk. While were there, our friends insisted that we should swing to Carmel By-The-Sea right after visiting Santa Cruz Boardwalk. Without any regrets, we are so glad that we took the chance and spent an extra hour travelling towards Carmel By-The-Sea, which is located few minutes away from Monterey, California.

Carmel By-The-Sea awaits stunning angle of the pacific ocean. With its fine white sand, nice blue ocean, and less crowded atmosphere, it is definitely a great place to unwind, relax and enjoy the popular California weather, that everyone sought after! The sand was safe and pretty clean allowing us to freely kick off our slippers and enjoy the natural expoliating effect of the sandy shore.
And if you have a pet dog and would like to bring her/him to the beach, Carmel By-The-Sea area is a very dog-friendly beach. While strolling along the beach, I could see a lot of unleashed pet dogs walking side-by-side with their owners and some occasionally playing with the waves. So instead of leaving your dog behind in your home or a pet boarding house while you wish to unwind and getaway from hectic works and busy lifestyle, why not enjoy a vacation with your dog instead?
If beautiful views and stunning beach doesnt concenvince you, dont despair, there are tons of shopping opportunities at Carmel By-The-Sea. Just a few minutes walk from the beach are really cool shops and boutiques to check out. The area has a small town feel with lots to offer for locals, tourists and visitors. Great dining and lodging are also abundant in the area. So if you are anywhere near northern CA, in the Bay Area, or anywhere in mainland USA and is looking for a great beach getaway, Carmel by-The-Sea offers you great alternative for a more relaxing beach vacation without being so far away from shopping and activities.
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September 29, 2008

Shopping In Kauai Hawaii

What is a vacation in Hawaii without shopping? Shopping is definitely one of the most anticipated and favorite activity for most tourists and visitors in the island. With the state of Hawaii being in the tropics, you can definitely expect a tropical shopping experience, lots of flowers, native products, sea shells, hawaiian traditional artifacts, just to name a few.

In the island of Kauai, one of the popular shopping mall is the Coconut Marketplace, where they offer almost everything and anything that you want to experience, expect and find in the island like local foods, unique hawaiian soveniers, traditional and tribal clothings, and a lot lot more! There are so many variety of shops in Coconut Marketplace that it could easily take hours and hours if not a whole day to go through every single shop!

Wood carvings, wood furnitures, flower wreaths, floral clothings, sea shell decors and jewelries, live plants, and tropical fruits and vegetables are some of the things that are hugely available in Kauii, Hawaii.

There is something for everyone! Exploring and shop hopping is definitely part of the fun to do during your Kauai Hawaii visit. But even if you dont plan to buy so many things to bring back home, the experience of seeing all the unique items that are only available in a tropical island like Hawaii, and seeing what the island has to offer is a great memory that you can treasure and remember forever. So savor and enjoy the moment, Kauai is one of the sought-after destination in the world, might as well enjoy your stay if you plan to visit there. Even if you go there to see the beaches, dont forget to visit the shops!

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September 23, 2008

Redwood Day Trip

If you are anywhere near northern California, southern Oregon, or coastal Oregon, you are definitely not very far away from the huge trees at Jedediah Smith Redwoods Park, showcasing centuries old natural giant sequioa trees that occupies acres and acres of land in northern CA near Crescent City.

Jedediah Smith Redwoods Park is accessible from southern Oregon via the long and winding road of Hwy 199 that stretch from the City of Grants Pass in Oregon all the way to Crescent City in California. The road Hwy 199 is mostly two lanes paved road with plenty of nature views await those who patiently follow its curvy path. But if you are coming from the opposite direction, either from coastal Oregon or northern CA, the park is also easily accessible through Hwy 101, a popular scenic road which offers everyone plenty of stunning views of the pacific ocean.

Standing next to giant sequioa trees around you could easily makes you feel small and in awe. These huge trees have been standing more or less 50 feet tall since many centuries ago in these protected and preserved land. Each mature sequioa tree has wide diameter span, easily a lot more than two people hand in hand around it. Some of these trees are so huge that some of the trees have been developed like a tunnel where you can literally drive a car under its massive length, yes they are that big! In broad daylight, it is mostly shady and dark around the trees, that widely dominate majority of the area. And because of its shady-like forrest, there are plenty of natural grown ferns beds that you can expect all over the place as well. Trees looking so simple, but with its massive size and tall length, giant sequioa trees are definitely extraordinary!
Written by JazeVox.
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July 28, 2008

Kauai Is Best Seen By Air

If you are thinking of or in searched of an ultimate vacation and lifetime exhilarating experience, a great way to get both is by riding a helicopter tour in Hawaii, in the island of Kauai, where this beautiful island awaits plenty of stunning display of natures best!

Its been told by many that you only see the tip of Kauai when you travel by land, and this fact is definitely true! More or less, ninety (90) percent of Kauai Island is mostly visible by air. So when you go to Kauai in Hawaii, you barely scratch the surface of the island when you go there without riding a helicopter or a plane. So if you want to get the most out of your visit there, a helicopter tour is definitely a must!
If you are thinking of going to Hawaii and not sure which island to get a helicopter tour, the island of Kauai definitely has the best to offer! Kauai by air travel has a lot to offer, mostly stunning display of nature including the view of the pacific ocean and the Waimea Canyon which is popularly considered the Grand Canyon of the Pacific.

Na Pali Coast is a popular part of Kauai Hawaii, but this part of the island does not have any access roads and therefore unaccessible by car or by bus, and can only be seen by boat or by air. Both sailing boat trip and air tour offers unique perspectives of the Na Pali Coast, so both type of trips are highly recommended. But if you want to see Na Pali Coast as a whole and a lot more of Kauai, the helicopter tour not only allows you to see the whole stretch of NaPali Coast with its magnificient shorelines, deep blue pacific ocean, and huge mountains along the sea but see most of Kauai as well.

With parts of Kauai being considered the wettest spot on earth, you will be greeted by lush green huge mountains with magical display of waterfalls all over the island. Be alert and always keep your eyes open for plenty of waterfalls! Expect to see multiple and jaw-dropping display of waterfalls while you are on the air, waterfalls that can only be seen in Kauai by a helicopter or plane ride! You will see multi-layered waterfalls, long-drop waterfalls, etc. It is a definite that the best of Kauai can be best experience by air.

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