June 27, 2012

Jogging Trails At Disney World Resorts

Who's going to Disney World in Florida (FL)? Do you know that if you stay in most of the Disney World resorts that they actually have jogging trails? This is great news for all the morning joggers and walkers out there because now you dont have to leave your favorite morning routine behind while on vacation just because you are on vacation! Now you can continue doing what you love to do everyday, jogging and/or walking while on vacation, not to mention the exciting trails and new sceneries that you can explore while you do your run and walk.

Most of the Disney World resorts have jogging trails, so when you get to your booked resort, you need to go to the front desk of the resort you will be staying and ask for more information and possible maps of the jogging trails of that particular resort.

Here is a quick tour of what to expect in the jogging trails in Disney World:

We were in Disney World several years ago but we stayed in a hotel outside of the resort. Having to deal with car traffic to get to the park was not very fun at all, I would rather spend the time to travel to get to the park in a more enjoyable way like jogging or walking within the resort vicinity.

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