November 12, 2007

Undiscovered Activities at Walt Disney World

Few days ago, in a nice October afternoon of 2007, I was channel hopping on TV, and found a travel documentary tv show about the many undiscovered activities in Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida. For a lot of people like myself, we see the Disney World as a theme park with rides, novelty shops, food bars, and shows, but the tv show travel documentary revealed that there are a lot more to Disney World that just a theme park.

I cannot remember exactly what channel the show was aired, but I realized that there are plenty of other activities in Disney World that were not known by majority of the people, i guess, not until the tv show documentary got aired this year (2007). Until then, I never realized that Disney World offers the following activities for the visitors:

Private surfing lessons and surfing in the laggoon
Para-sailing in the lake
Scuba diving in one of the biggest tank in the world and see most sea creature all in one day
Special trip to the Safari before the park opens and have close encounter with the animals in the Animal Kingdom
Nascar driving experience where you can drive fast race car at 140+ miles/hour legally
A luxury yatch for rent, to celebrate a special day

I honestly could not remember everything that were revealed in the tv show, but it sure was amazing to find out that there are a lot more that Disney World are offering to the public, and all of it sounds really fun! I had a blast during our visit to Disney World few years ago, but trying out some of the activities mentioned above would be great experience.

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November 11, 2007

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November 9, 2007

Battle Rock City Park in Oregon

If you are heading towards Oregon for a vacation, a very worthwhile place to checkout is the Battle Rock City Park along Hwy 1 in the Oregon Coast. Its picturistic view of the pacific ocean and massive stones in the sea are beauty beyond compare.

Battle Rock City Park is located west of Oregon in between southern and central Oregon area. If you decide to take a road trip to this park, just follow the scenic Hwy 1 route either from California or from Portland Oregon.

Aside from Battle Rock City Park, there are many other beaches and beach front communities that you can checkout around Hwy 1, to make your road trip worthwhile. It could easily take a whole day trip to checkout Southern Oregon coastal side, and if you decide to stay in one of the inns or hotels and enjoy the ocean view more, you might need more than a day to be able to see the whole Hwy 1 stretch of Southern Oregon coast.

To read more about Battle Rock City Park, read the park monument below:

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November 3, 2007

Aspine trees in the Sierra-Nevada mountains

One of the main highlights for traveling in the fall/autumn season is the great opportunity to see the colorful tranformation of leaves in many trees.

During our trip towards Lake Tahoe via Hwy 88 in the Sierra-Nevada mountains of Amador County, we were very fortunate to still see some Aspine trees that still had leaves left in them that were totally magical and bright. The bright yellow leaves in them were so colorful that it just highlights the whole roadside like a beautiful painting.

Since it was late part of October, the leaves of Aspine trees already started falling, but the bright white barks in them were in itself very attractive looking and very picturistic as well. The best time of year to really see the transformation is probably around September to first weeks of October when most leaves are still on the trees.

So during fall/autumn season, if you are on a road trip, try to consider scenic roads that have possible Aspine trees or other trees that transforms color during autumn season.
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Kirkwood Ski Resort in the High Sierra

On our way to Lake Tahoe via the scenic Hwy 88, one the places that would be on our route was Kirkwood Ski Resort, so we decided to stop by and checkout the resort. I heard about Kirkwood Ski Resort all the time, but I never been there prior to our stop over because I am not really a snow skier. But for most skiers here in the United States, they probably heard of this famous ski resort.

Kirkwood Ski Resort is easily accessible along scenic Hwy 88 coming from Jackson, CA towards Lake Tahoe. We were on our way to Lake Tahoe when we decided to check out this famous ski area. It was fall/autumn time when we where there so there was no snow in the ground yet.

But even without the snow yet, the view of the mountains there and the tall pine trees were definitely a pretty site and worth the stop. The houses in the area, probably vacation houses, were huge and nice and all blends nicely with the beauty and serenity of the place. I can just imagine how pretty it will look during the winter times, with lots of tourists and skiers traffic all geared up and hitting the slopes.

Kirkwood is known for its snow skiing services, but they also offer so much more other activities aside from skiing like ice skating, tubing hill, snow shoeing, dog sled rides, snowmobiling, ice fishing, etc. They also have lodging, dining and shopping. So Im sure if you visit Kirkwood Ski Resort, there are plenty of things to do for the whole family.

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November 1, 2007

Finding great deals on hotels in US

Based on our hotel bargain hunting experiences, here are some tips we used for finding the best deals possible without sacrificing quality accomodations:

First, check out travel sites like,,, to check their prices on hotels that you want to stay and in what area. Try to write down the prices for comparison use with other website for the second tip mentioned below. Watch out for additional fees, not just the room accomodations.

Second, check out the individual hotels thru their own company website. Most hotels have their own website and most of them have prices stated online which will make it more easier for you to make comparison with the prices you found in the websited mentioned in the first tip above. Watch out for additional fees, not just the room accomodations.

Third, its not written in stone that travel sites like, and will always be cheaper than by buying directly with the hotel website or by their phone reservation. There are times as well that buying directly with the hotel is cheaper. But no matter which way you choose, a lot of times they can offer great deals when you book too early or in the last minute. You can get deals with too early bookings because usually they still have plenty of rooms available, and they want to get all rooms occupied by that date, so the early they can get people to book, they secure the rooms usage already. Booking in the last minute can also possibly give you great deals specially online. But I wont recommend booking too late because great hotels will have slim chance of not fully book. But sometimes you will really get bargain prices at the last-minute bookings because they dont want vacant room remains vacant, occupied room means income. So if you book in the last minute, you can possibly get great bargains if you will ask for it online or by phone. Its like some people get first-class accomodation in some airlines companies when the plane is about to leave and there are empty seats.

Fourth, it will never hurt to ask. Ask the hotel booking representative if they can give you cheaper prices or great deals. Mostly it will help if you know prices in the neighboring hotels with lower rates so that you can mention that to them and chances are they might be willing to match their competitors prices. The hotel personnels will usually try to accomodate their customers, dont want to loose customers to their competitors, so there are chance that they might give you a deal to stay with them instead.

Fifth, if you are AAA member or member of any travel services, they can possibly find you the best deals or can usually offer you discounts in most hotels.

Sixth, rent timeshare accomodations. A lot of timeshare owners who doesnt have the time to vacation that particular year will usually rent their timeshare accomodations to people. Timeshare places are worldwide, so that you have great chance of getting a timeshare rental in a place that you are heading. Timeshare rental prices varies on how much the owner will price the package.

If you have other ways and tips to save on hotels here in the US, we would be happy to hear it too! Please feel free to leave comments if you have something to say about this post, or if you have more tips to share.

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