October 2, 2012

Epcot Of Disney World Turned 30

The magical Epcot just turned 30 yesterday, October 1, 2012, and that definitely deserve a huge celebration filled with fireworks!

Epcot is one of the original four (4) parks that's been in existence for several decades at Disney World located in Florida USA. Epcot is by far one my favorite park because I love the concept of the whole park and the way they designed it. Visiting Epcot was like traveling the world in one day, seeing several different countries in a single day. The concept of the world united, living together in harmony, embracing each others uniqueness, cultures, and differences create a fascinating facts that even if we have different beliefs, traditions and way of life, when we embrace and appreciate our differences and get to know each other, we all can learn from each other. It is fun to explore the cultures and tradition of other countries, seeing a whole new world of living that is different from your your own. It is quite fascinating to walk inside the vicinity of Epcot and witness several different countries and cultures and not leave the country. If you want to travel the world but dont have massive budget to fly from one country to the next, Epcot can be a great alternative with less expense.

Here is an awesome fireworks video during Epcot's 30th Birthday with the iconic sphere in the park:

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September 22, 2012

Space Shuttle Endeavour Final Flight In California

Yesterday, September 21, 2012, the Space Shuttle Endeavour made its historic final flight from southern California to northern California to grace the California skies, adorned by many public admirers and onlookers, before retiring to its final home in California Science Center in Los Angeles California. The journey began few days earlier when the shuttle left Florida to California, and the last farewell tour yesterday made headlines and spectacles as it travels from the south to the north flying over different key parts of northern California including Disneyland Park Resort in southern California, San Francisco Bridge in the Bay Area, California Capitol Building in downtown Sacramento. Crowds gathered outside to witness this magnifient piece of history that will never be repeated. Many locals telivision NEWS covered the final journey of the Endeavour and captured some stunning live videos and images of it as it pass by.

Here is a video of the Endeavour Space Shuttle as it fly over Disneyland in southern California:

Here is a video of the Endeavour Space Shuttle as it fly over Golden Gate Bridge in northern California:

Here is a video of the Endeavour Space Shuttle as it fly over California Capitol in downtown Sacramento northern California:

Here is a magnificient arial view of the shuttle, must see!

Unfortunately for us, although it flew by over our area, which we thought we would be able to see, the big trees all over the place completely obstruct our visual view of the shuttle, all we could hear was the loud noise of the modified Boeing 747 jet plane that trasported the shuttle. The final destination of the Endeavour Space Shuttle will be at California Science Center in Los Angeles California.

June 29, 2012

Orbitz Figured Mac Users Book Pricier Hotels Than PC Users

Who would have thought that what type of computer we use will pre-determine the type of travel accomodations that we likely purchase online. Just recently, Orbitz find out that Mac computer users tend to buy more expensive hotels or room accomodations, and are more likely to avail room upgrades compare to PC users. Depending on what type of computer you use to purchase your hotel accomodations online at Orbitz will possibly be a determining factor in the near future on which hotels will be displayed in your computer monitor in the recommendation lists of hotels. When these latest data findings will be intergrated into the Orbitz online booking system, then Mac computer users may possibly see 5-star hotels and more expensive nightly rate recommendations, while PC users will most likely see recommendations of cheaper priced hotels.

Here is a video about this latest findings:

Here is a video how Orbitz may possibly utilized this latest data statistic that they gathered when it will be implemented in the search result querries while purchasing hotels at their site:

People have mixed reactions about this announcement. Some if not most of us would probably prefer to get the same lists of recommendations regardless of what type of computer we are using. What about you, how do you feel about this? If you are using Mac computer how do you feel about the fact that you will be getting pricier hotel recommendations simply because you are using a Mac computer? Do you feel that this personalized recommendation basing on what type of computer you are using will serve beneficial to you? Feel free to comment..

June 27, 2012

Jogging Trails At Disney World Resorts

Who's going to Disney World in Florida (FL)? Do you know that if you stay in most of the Disney World resorts that they actually have jogging trails? This is great news for all the morning joggers and walkers out there because now you dont have to leave your favorite morning routine behind while on vacation just because you are on vacation! Now you can continue doing what you love to do everyday, jogging and/or walking while on vacation, not to mention the exciting trails and new sceneries that you can explore while you do your run and walk.

Most of the Disney World resorts have jogging trails, so when you get to your booked resort, you need to go to the front desk of the resort you will be staying and ask for more information and possible maps of the jogging trails of that particular resort.

Here is a quick tour of what to expect in the jogging trails in Disney World:

We were in Disney World several years ago but we stayed in a hotel outside of the resort. Having to deal with car traffic to get to the park was not very fun at all, I would rather spend the time to travel to get to the park in a more enjoyable way like jogging or walking within the resort vicinity.

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June 26, 2012

Stand Up Paddle In South Lake Tahoe California

Even if you are not a very sportsminded person, or you feel like surfing and skiing are definitely out of your comfort zone, how does stand-up paddle sounds like to you? Definitely nothing too extreme at all, stand-up paddle is a great sports for all ages both kids and adults. It is a great relaxing outdoor activity, with very low impact to the environment, yet very fulfilling and exhilirating experience for those who get out and start paddling!

If stand-up paddle sound like something you might want to learn and consider, then you might be interested to come out and try doing it during the outdoor festivity happening this summer in South Lake Tahoe in northern California, where they are celebrating their fourth Paddle Festival this year 2012. You can rent paddles and learn how to stand-up paddle for fun in the beautiful prestine fresh blue water of Lake Tahoe. Or just watch others doing the paddling and enjoy the sceneries of the fabulous lake. The view alone is definitely worth the visit!

Know more about the fourth Paddle Festival in South Lake Tahoe as presented by FabulousLakeTahoe:

What: Race The Lake 2012
Where: South Lake Tahoe, CA
When: June 30 to July 1, 2012

June 20, 2012

Cars Land In Disney California Adventure

Cars Land in Disney California Adventure

Good news to all car enthusiasts,  car racing fanatic, car drivers, and future car drivers... Cars Land is officially open to fulfill your need for speed, no drivers necessary! Cars Land is one of the main attraction of Disney California Adventure in Disneyland Park in southern California. Lets go, hop in and lets dig deeper into what this whole new buzz is all about......

What visitors can expect from Cars Land?

Lets explore differ what Cars Land is all about and what it has to offer for all its visitors. Lets start rolling and look around this latest new cars craze..

Cars Land Behind The Scence and Development Stage:

With all the bells and whistles, there is always the behind the scene team who created this amazing attraction. Check our Cars Land during its development stage...

See Cars Land in the eye and own words of the designer of this most anticipated attraction.

More About Disney California Adventure:

Cars Land is just one of the many things you can look forward to in Disney California Adventure. See what else the park has enstore for all its visitors...

Hope you had a wonderful online tour of Cars Land today. Thank you for visiting FiftyStatesTravel.com. Please feel free to share this blog page with your family and friends who might be interested to travel in Disney California Adventure, or anywhere in the United States of America..

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June 18, 2012

Glow With The Show Mickey Mouse Ears in World of Color Show

Disney is going hi-tech with Mickey Mouse ears! That's right, a bunch of glowing and pulsating "Glow With The Show" Mickey Mouse ears are recently introduced in Disneyland Park in Disney California Adventure during the World of Color evening show. Where the guests and/or audience were wearing the hi-tech Mickey Mouse ear head caps that changes colors and blinks or pulsates as the high-tech ears syncronized with the on-going World of Color show.

As if the colorful display of water fountains and the exciting images of some of our favorite Disney characters are not entertaining enough, the interactive lighted glowing Mickey Mouse ears that the audience are wearing definitely add new dimension and excitement to the show in a whole new level.

When it comes to live shows, its better seen in action than described in paragraph, so here we goes:

Here is a video showing a full show of the World Of Colors featuring the debut of Glow With The Show Mickey Mouse ears. Have fun!

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June 15, 2012

Bodega Bay Northern California Hwy 1 Road Trip Part 1

In the west coast of the United States, there is no better way to enjoy the view of the pacific ocean than driving through the stretch of Hwy 1 in northern California. Although Hwy 1 stretches from southern California in San Diego CA all the way to northern California and ends at Hwy 101 intersection, we will be cover primarily on the northern side of CA for this road trip, particulary in the Bodega Bay area (for this article) since there are plenty of photographs to share and it will be too much to put them all in one web page, thats how much there is to see in Hwy 1 alone! If you plan to do a road trip there anytime soon, you need to make sure that the fog is almost or fully lifted so that you can safely drive in the mostly one-lane roads and inorder for you to fully maximize your visit and be able to view of the pacific ocean fully with no haze. Timing is everything especially in the Bay Area since it is common to have foggy days out there.

Bodega Bay California is located south of San Francisco. To drive to Bodega Bay coming from San Francisco the route will be in Hwy 1 towards Forts Bragg CA or heading towards north in Oregon State direction. Once you arrive in Bodega Bay, its pretty easy to tell that you are there because you can see the bay from the road and there are some business like restaurants and bars that you can pull over to have a nice meal as well as be able to enjoy the view of the bay. We stopped by at Lucas Wharf to enjoy the bay and took some shots of the bay (above).

Traveling further towards north of Bodega Bay via Hwy 1 there were several different stops to take photographs of the views of the pacific ocean. Luckily for us, it was a clear day with hardly any fog by the time we got to the ocean frontage (Hwy 1). It was pretty clear day, although the sun was out, it was a little chilly, so its always a good idea to have a jacket handy in the trunk because you never know how the weather is going to behave. Our planned trip was going towards Point Arena California, so we did not really picnic in any of the beaches that we passed by like a lot of people did, as you can see in the pcitures above.

There were several wild birds in the ocean, so its always good to have your camera handy if you are into photography because there is plenty of photography opportunities like the ocean and the wild birds, at your hearts content!

As we continue with the road trip towards Point Arena CA, we saw more and more views of the pacific ocean. I will be adding more articles with plenty of photos as we continue with the trip, so hope you check our my future articles coming up! Thanks for visiting FiftyStatesTravel today :-)

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