March 2, 2008

Sunny Day And Burning Day Yesterday

It was a little bit chilly yesterday. The wind was blowing some cold air, and the wind was a little gusty, but definitely nothing quite alarming, just beautiful and sunny weather! Although the air was a little bit chilly outside, the sun was out and beautiful, which is nice for the first day of March.

On our way towards downtown yesterday morning, we saw a lot of residents in Amador County burning leaves outside, so we thought that it must had been a burn day for leaves. We didnt do any raking the leaves in the yard yet, and not doing some leave burning of our own, so we didnt have tp call to find out if it was a burn day.

It is definitely best to take advantage of all the premitted burn days given by the county/agency because it is already the start of March, and it wont be very long and before we know it, summer will come pretty quickly. The closer and closer we get to summer, I noticed that there are less and less possibility of having burn days, so if you wait very long before you rake the leaves and safely burn them, you might have to go haul everything to the dump to get rid of them. So if you plan to burn leaves in a particular day, make sure that you call to verify that it is really a permitted burn day!



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