March 31, 2008

Nature At Its Grand at Bryce Canyon

Few years ago, we couldnt be happier to get the chance to visit one of the amazing display of nature in a huge way at Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah, USA.

At Bryce Canyon National Park, you will witness the effects of nature and time in shaping and reshaping our earth in a totally amazing way. The once solid mountain plateaus turned into several different formations and carvings exposing several layers of multi-colored elements of the mountain. You will get to see stunning unique formations that took shaped due to erosion including thousands of spires, arches, and more. Year after year, none of these formations ever remains the same. The shapes of spires and arches constantly change as storms and rains continues to carve and reshape these rocks. So you can expect to see something different everytime you go there, depending on how mother nature decides to carve it!

Unfortunately, our visit at Bryce Canyon was purely accidental and unplanned, that was why we no longer have digital memory disk to use to take several photos, and we only had few shots left in our 35mm camera! The photos that we took during our visit definitely dont do justice how beautiful and magical the park real is.
If you happen to be in Southern Utah, a stop over at Bryce Canyon is definitely a trip to remember. Bryce Canyon National Park offers their visitors lots of information regarding the park including videos, maps, and tours. They also have a souvenier shop where you can purchase posters, books, magazines, maps, postcards, and all types of novelties and remembrance that will remind you of your park visit or get to know more about the Bryce Canyon National Parks and its history.
NOTE: During winter time around November and December, expect to see some snow adding highlights to the park and it maybe cold, so it would be best to have jackets and sweaters handy. Different time of year at Bryce Canyon offers different scenery depending on the weather.
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March 10, 2008

Larger Than Life Flying Machines

Many of us are deeply fascinated and in great awe of great inventions and innovations. And the one place that has lots to offer when it comes to your fascination regarding space shuttles, launchers, moon walker, other huge flying machines and state-of-the art technologies, is the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in Orlando Florida.


At Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, you will see larger than life flying machines that were previously been used to travel through space. The complex currently house some of the actual huge space shuttles that the astrounauts used for space travels. You will also find some simulations rides inorder to experience the thrills and chills of being on a space craft. You can check out some of the interiors of some the huge space shuttles, so you have an idea how they actually look. Know how it feels like to be inside an actual Control Center for launching space shuttle.

So if you happen to be in Florida, it is definitely worth it to visit Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. You definitely cannot claim that you see the whole state of Florida unless you been to the Kennedy Space Center. Definitely, this is a great way to explore what is available and possible beyond what is normal here on earth.

Here is a quick view of the Kennedy Space Center with Google Street View

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