October 17, 2008

Behind The Scene

My name is JazeVox, I maintain and created this blog. I am a blogchaholic, in other words, I own several blogs in variety of topics which I try to maintain on regular basis.

I like photography a lot! My hubby sometimes thinks Im nuts when he sees me click and then click and then click again with my digital camera, that he gave me few years ago. But then, i hear him murmured few times that the digital camera is definitely the best buy/gift that he ever given me, because I use it all the time, and I love having it with me all the time. Just for the record, I love my laptop too, but i hate it when it slows down and do crappy things like hang.

Ill be around, blogging a lot, hopefully you stop by and visit me again.

Hope to see you around,
JazeVox, The Blogger

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