February 15, 2009

Explore Amador County California

Not everyone probably heard or are familiar with Amador County but many probably heard of the history of gold rush in California and Amador County is a huge part of such history. Back in the gold rush days, hopeful gold miners flocked in Amador County to pursue their dreams of finding gold and thats when the gold mining activities in the area bloomed and developed tremendously.

The photos aboved are taken in Kennedy Tailing Wheels in Jackson CA of Amador County as one of the many preserved historical areas that where previously utilized during the gold mining era. There are several historic places in Amador County which allows tourists and visitors to explore and reconnect how it was like during the gold-rush days. You can visit gold mining facilities where actual gold-mining activities took place.

The historic Main Street in downtown Jackson CA (see photos above) is a great place for shopping where you can find really neat stuff. Jackson CA Main Street has an old town feel with buildings resembles old western building architecture. If you are into antiquing, this is a great place to go! There are several antique shops that could easily fulfill ones treasure hunting fantasy.
The historic National Hotel (below) can be found at one end of Jackson Main Street. All throughout Amador County you can find other old towns with great shopping and dining like Sutter Creek CA and Ione CA.

Downtown Jackson, CA is a great area to just walk around town and check out old buildings and nature.

During spring time (around March to April), the gate of Daffodil Hill in Volcano CA opens to the public. It is a great place to enjoy this beautiful and relaxing flower park and take photographs of the blooming daffodil flowers that covers acreages of rolling hills.
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Anonymous said...

Awesome thread.Great place..

Unknown said...

Graet area to visit, lots of gold rush era history, buildings in small towns are the same as they were when they built them, we took a gold mine tour in Sutter Creek and seen gold in the mine,then went over to Plymouth in Californias new wine country, outside of town theres 30 new winerys and vineyards, took a tour and did some wine tasting, very interesting.

Jazevox said...

@drop it like it: thank you for your visit

@americanbaldeagle: there is also an underground cave tours somewhere in Volcano, CA which is part of Amador County. i want to do tour again.

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